Admissions open for Academic Year 2021
Block E, Gangothri Campus, Venkateshwara Farm, Bangalore-91



Foundations Of Nursing Lab

Nursing Foundation highlights the significance of fundamental needs of humans and competence in skills as pre-requisites in providing extensive nursing care. It is depicted to help students to develop and understand the philosophy, objective, theories and process of nursing in various clinical settings. This lab is spacious and well-ventilated. The modern articles, instruments, linen, lockers, cupboards, male & female mannequins, dummy etc are made available for the students to get better practical experience. The lab helps to develop nursing skills through “hands on training” under continuous supervision and guidance by expert teaching faculty.

Nutrition Lab

Nutrition is the base of human being. Our nutritional lab is like a mini kitchen and fully equipped with modern electronic gadgets like food processor, refrigerator and other utensils for practical demonstration of liquid, semi liquid, solid diet and develop the concept of special dietary requirements as per the disease conditions. Hence our nutrition lab offers ample facilities which can develop an insight into the nutritive aspects, values and needs of various food items. Charts depicting nutritive values and basic amenities like cookware, refrigerators etc are setup to facilitate students to learn the dining etiquettes and dietics required by patients. Our nutritional lab is well ventilated with adequate lighting and spacious enough to accommodate 60 students at a time.

Anatomy Lab

A concrete knowledge in anatomy is the base of every health professional. In our college, anatomy lab is designed to provide the basic education about the human anatomy. It is designed to assist students in acquiring knowledge of the normal structure of human body. It also induces the students to understand the alternation in anatomical structure and function in disease and practice of nursing. Our lab contains an extensive collection of models, charts, specimens, full skeleton , all kinds of bones. The students are encouraged to use our anatomy lab to learn anatomy of bones and joints and other related structures.

Obstetrics And Gynaecological Lab

Obstetric and gynaecological nursing is an extensive branch of nursing science dealing with women in relation to her reproductive organs, childbirth, and care of mother before and after childbirth. The laboratory is designed for students to appreciate the concepts and principles of midwifery and obstetrical nursing. It helps students to acquire knowledge and skills in rendering nursing service to normal and high risk pregnant women to antenatal, natal and postnatal periods in hospital and community settings. It also helps to develop skills in managing normal and high risk neonates and participate in family welfare programmes. Our simulation based laboratory provide first-hand experience to the students through a child birth mannequin. Also the laboratory is fully equipped to practice all  obstetrical and gynaecological nursing clinical skills and  with various kinds of models, flash cards, flip chart, posters and articles for procedure demonstration like assessment of antenatal mother, postnatal mother and new born. It is well equipped, well ventilated and spacious to improve the psycho motor skills of the students.

Community Health Nursing Lab

Community health nursing is the field of nursing that includes nursing practice and public health which help in promoting and protecting the health of the community.  It helps the student to develop an understanding of the recent modern approach and to appreciate the principles of promotion and maintenance of health; there by resulting in identification, prevention and management of common health problems in collaboration with community health team and members of the family and also with community leader. Our community health lab is a stimulated home environment that allows nursing students to practice their community health skills in a life like scenario. Community health nursing lab is equipped with all innovative and qualitative materials, equipped with community bags, models charts, flash cards which are required for field work. In this lab students practice skills and techniques for public health activities and family health care. It has facilities for organizing community health projects, camps, exhibitions and campaigns

Computer Lab

The information technologies and learning resources are essential in each institution for their academic and administrative purposes. Information technology is the use of computers to store, retrieve and transmit data or information. In today’s medical facilities, nurses must have a good grasp of how computers are used in the nursing profession. Considering the need of this situation our institution has a well equipped computer lab with more than 15 computers with LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity for the students. G.A.N.E uses a wide range of instructional techniques to equip the students to develop latest concept of requisite skills and abilities to enable them to take up responsible and challenging positions in future.