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Clinical Experience

“A human life is only in the hands of a skilful nurse”

Theory is only useful when applied in the real-life situation. There is no point in learning the most advance things at a nursing institute with the most modern methods and approaches, if the institute does not give room for plenty of practice. That is why we also make sure that besides a world class education and training from highly qualified faculty, we train students practically by putting them in the center of action and letting them learn from experienced staff nurses in the hospitals.

BGS Global Hospital

Apart from professional Health care, the hospital today is also a center for providing professional training for medical & nursing students. GANGOTHRI ACADEMY  of Nursing is attached to  BGS Global hospital.

BGS Global is a 750 bed, State-of-the art multidisciplinary and tertiary care facility with top notch doctors and world class facilities. The centrally air conditioned hospital has 14 major operating rooms, the finest imaging radiology facilities & 120 speciality ICU beds & one of the largest liver ICUs in India. The hospital has some of the countries most renowned names in super-speciality consultants. The hospital is staffed with dedicated and highly competitive members of the medical and nursing fraternity along with trained personnel who work with sophisticated high-tech equipments, which guide and mould G.A.N.E students to be competent with present world and to meet the needs of individuals in various spheres of health care system.

VICTORIA Trauma & Emergency Care Centre

Trauma & Emergency Care Centre is a recent addition in the sprawling Victoria Hospital Campus. The Trauma & Emergency Care Centre has the guiding principle of providing affordable quality medical services to a multitude of patients who are in desperate need of medical attention with utmost care compassion and commitment. with many hurdles along its was, the centre was finally started with outpatient and inpatient departments by December 2015.

Matru Hospital, Kengeri

Mathru Hospital is a leading health care center. It is known for providing effective treatment to the patients suffering from various kinds of bones dysfunctional and diseases. The operation theatre of our hospital is well-equipped with advanced surgical instruments and equipments necessary to undertake the surgeries.

Spandana Hospital